Manufacturing Processes
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11.08.2012 - All grades except the letter grades are all announced. See grades page.

08.08.2012 - 5th homework is assigned. See assignments page.

08.08.2012 - Make-up of the MT2 will be held on 10.08.2012, Friday at 13:40 in LB-02.

06.08.2012 - Designed parts will be machined tomorrow in the lab session.  Please be ready in front of the Flexible Manufacturing Systems Lab (the lab you attended in the very first lab session of the course, basement floor of L block) at the times announced below.


Name Surname Lab session
Osman YALÇINSOY 12:40
Ahmet Noyan SEZG─░NKURT 12:40
Muhammed Salim HUZURO─×LU 12:40
Bü┼čra KUZYAKA 12:40
Feray ┼×EN 13:40
Duygu AK 13:40
Hazal Sare AYERDEN 13:40
Metin BULAN 13:40
Ay┼če ─░pek ÖNGEL 13:40
Mustafa Ça─člar ÇET─░N 15:40
Duygu KALEL─░ 15:40
Gizem Buse KAYA 15:40
Bünyamin KAYMAK 15:40
Seher ULUS 16:40
Melih EL─░┼× 16:40
Öykü ÖZTÜRK 16:40
Nuray SEÇK─░N 16:40
Ecem ┼×ENER 16:40

06.08.2012 - MT 2 grades are announced on Please check your grades.

Metin Bulan, M. Ça─člar Çetin, Osman Yalç─▒nsoy, and A. Noyan Sezginkurt; please re-enrol the course on webonline using the enrollment key to see your grades.

02.08.2012 - You are adviced to work on the assignment 4 posted in assignments page before mid term exam.

02.08.2012 - Final exam will be held on 10.08.2012 Friday at 10:00 in room NB-02.

02.08.2012 - Reminder: 2nd MT exam will be held on 03.08.2012 Friday, at 12:40 in room LB-07.

19.07.2012 - 3nd homework is assigned. See assignments page.

19.07.2012 - 2nd MT exam will be held on 03.08.2012 Friday.

19.07.2012 - Make-up lecture will be held on 03.08.2012 Friday at 09:40.

13.07.2012 - Project topics are announced. See term project page.

12.07.2012 - Mid-term exam 1 grades are announced on  The ones who did not register the course on webonline yet, can not see their grades until they register.

04.07.2012 - 2nd homework is assigned. See assignments page.

04.07.2012 - As stated in the syllabus and as told in the lecture hour, the first mid-term exam will be held in the following week.  Exam date, time, and place are:

10.07.2012, Tuesday, 15:40 in LB06

You will be responsible from Chapters 1, 5,6, and 10 in the textbook. Skip the sections/topics not covered in the lecture.

26.06.2012 - 1st homework is assigned. See assignments page.

23.06.2012 - Click here to download the project outline.